Дозиметр микроконтроллер

p>With its credit-card size, DOSICARD™ features thesmallest electronic dosimeter available on the market.

It is also one of the most technologically advanced. It provides real time monitoring of the personal dose and dose rate. DOSICARD is the key element within a unique operational dosimetry system that can be tailored to your specific applications. DOSICARD addresses all workers exposed to a radiological risk in nuclear facilities, research and medical centers, and the nuclear industry. Therefore, it is of outstanding performance in the ALARA strategy of minimizing received doses.

The DOSICARD badge is your radiation surveyor. It keeps you informed in real time of the radiation rate, allowing immediate reaction in case of radiation occurrence, thus drastically reducing the exposure to nuclear radiation.

DOSICARD can also be part of a system: from nuclear laboratories of a few persons to nuclear facilities of several thousand workers, Dosemanager II and CARD Systems allow easy operation, and database management for efficient operational dosimetry monitoring.

Dosicard can display either Sv or rem, selection being made by the user in Dosemanager II. Dosiman can be delivered with either Sv or rem display (factory set).

DOSICARD - Efficient and easy-to-use DOSICARD features a silicon detector, complete analog and digital circuitry, including a microcontroller with large non-volatile memory, a LCD display and audio and visual alarms. Three touch buttons allow programming and display setup of the current dose, dose rate and cumulative doses per day/month/quarter/year/five years.

Non-volatile EEPROM memory safely stores the detailed history of the daily doses, times when alarm levels have been exceeded, as well as relevant data concerning the user and the badge itself.v микроконтроллер

Источник: http://www.canberra.com/products/hp_radioprotection/dosimetry.asp

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